Oncology Nursing and Cancer care

Oncology Nursing and Cancer care Photo

It is also known as cancer nursing. An oncology nurse is a specialized nurse for oncology. Oncology nurses work in a multi-disciplinary team, in a variety of settings, from the inpatient ward to the bone marrow transplant unit. Oncology nurses serve first line communication and provide any care throughout the cancer treatment. In the background of oncology, the nurse must come to the patient in close contact, and by this way, the nurse gives them mental support and strength. Oncology nurse screens the patient physical condition, pharmaceutical condition, chemotherapy and different condition. Clinical oncology comprises three essential orders- clinical, surgical oncology and radiation oncology.

  • Medical oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Pediatric cancer care
  • Cancer medications
  • Gynaecologic oncology
  • Geriatric cancer care

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